Our fees are based on competitive rates in the area and vary based on the therapist requested, the therapist’s areas of expertise, and session length. We are private providers and do not work with any insurances, therefore we are considered out-of-network providers. To help keep therapy services accessible, we provide monthly superbills to our clients so that they may be partially or fully reimbursed for services by insurance. The reimbursement depends on your insurance benefits for out-of-network services. Please note, it is common for fees to increase over time to reflect inflation and changing rates in the area. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our fees or insurance. It is our mission to make this process as stress-free as possible.

No Surprises Act & Good Faith Estimate

  • You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical and mental health care will cost.
  • Under the law, health care providers need to give patients who don’t have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of the expected charges for medical services, including psychotherapy services.
  • You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any non-emergency healthcare services, including psychotherapy services.
  • You can ask your healthcare provider, and any other provider you choose, for a Good Faith Estimate before you schedule a service.
  • If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill. Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate.
  • For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit www.cms.gov/nosurprises or call (800) 985-3059.

This regulation is in place to protect clients in providing them with a prior representation of cost for services. However, therapy is not typically a linear or straight-forward process; therefore, certain conditions make it difficult to determine what each client will require for adequate treatment.

If you have questions or concerns about insurance and fees, or our Good Faith Estimates, please reach out to our friendly and accommodating staff.

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