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Therapy requires vulnerability, which can be scary to most people. I hope that I can offer insight here that will help soothe that fear.

I was inspired to become a therapist after beginning my own therapy journey many years ago. I discovered that tragedy, trauma, and hardship are a part of every human experience – but so are joy, empowerment, and gratitude. I also found that perfection is an unrealistic goal; but progress and fulfillment can be achieved with the right therapist. My honest curiosity and respect for humanity deepened, and I became passionate about helping others cultivate their own happiness and well-being.

In therapy, getting to know you is my first priority so that I can find a therapeutic pace and approach that fits. Pulling from a range of techniques, resources, and orientations, I am committed to helping you explore what feels best for you. Humor, creativity, self-expression, and spirituality are all fair game for our meetings!

Research continually shows us that the foundation of a good therapeutic experience is an authentic relationship that begins with emotional safety and connection, and that is what I commit to in every session. I know this takes bravery, and you won’t be alone through it.

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Educational Background

At California Lutheran University (CLU), I earned a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. In the same program, I specialized in trauma assessment and treatment. Previously, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, emphasizing in Child and Family Development.


At CLU’s community counseling center, I had the privilege of working with survivors of trauma and intimate partner and domestic violence. Through Ventura County SELPA and Conejo Valley Unified School District, I conducted psychoeducational programs in classrooms, facilitated process and support groups for at-risk youth, and provided individual therapy to students with individualized education plans (IEPs). My experience ranges in working with children, teens, and adults of all ages as well as with clients of many different diagnoses, demographics, identities, and cultural backgrounds. Cultural humility is an essential part of my continuing evolution as a therapist and person. It is always my ambition and passion to continue learning and growing to provide the most competent and comprehensive care possible.

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