We are located off Tapo St. in Simi Valley, California in a beautiful, cottage style office. Out front, you will find rose bushes, animals and critters such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and lizards. We have a large parking lot out front with ample parking, and are located on the ground floor for those with wheelchairs or limited mobility.

Natalie Office Space
Edgar Office Space

Within our waiting area, you will find an array of couches and chairs to choose from, as well as entertainment magazines, books, and more to browse. We have beautiful green plants around the office, oil diffusers, and soft meditation music to help you relax prior to your session. We provide water and snacks to ensure your basic needs are met and you can feel as cozy as possible.


Our office also has a large gender-neutral bathroom with plenty of space. For those in need, we always keep feminine hygiene products stocked as well as lotion, hand sanitizer, and more.

Waiting Room
Waiting Room
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