Whoever said that creating and guiding a family was easy, linear, or simple was way off! There’s certainly no rulebook, map, or list of steps to navigate these issues. No two families are the same, and therefore each family as a whole has different needs.

You might be looking to:

  • Start a family under your own unique conditions
  • Find answers to questions or doubts about parenthood
  • Find the right parenting approaches with your children/teens
  • Work through fertility challenges

There are a lot of ways parenting and family planning can influence your mental health and well-being, such as:

  • Creating stress
  • Contributing to relationship difficulties with partner
  • Increasing anxiety about future
  • Struggling to set boundaries with others
  • Triggering past trauma

Families take a variety of forms and range in complexity. Blended families, single-parent families, LGBTQ families all face different circumstances yet often similar goals – to feel true connection and to overcome adversity. Families we’re born into or families we create are often at the root of our identities and can serve as an anchor in our lives. Therefore, it’s a reasonable fact that family-related issues are common to the human experience.

If you’ve wondered (or agonized) about how to start a family or how to address difficulties in parenting, therapy could be a useful tool and support. Whether you alone, you and your partner(s), or your family as a whole could benefit from therapy, we are here to help support you in setting and reaching your goals.

If you reside in the greater Ventura County area, we can help you connect with a trained professional who will guide you in sorting through your family planning and/or parenting needs.

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