At New Leaf, we strive to accommodate the needs of our clients – especially under certain conditions. Telehealth therapy includes virtual sessions and phone appointments. These are both options here at New Leaf; however, we currently reserve telehealth for unique circumstances such as for mental health crises and extenuating circumstances.

While telehealth absolutely provides necessary and important avenues for clients to seek help and support, at New Leaf we prefer to meet with clients in-person, when possible, to maximize the benefits of treatment and the therapeutic relationship. For instance, in-person sessions are ideal for services such as trauma treatment due to the therapist’s increased ability to recognize signs and visual cues of activation or stress. This will help your therapist track and address your needs more appropriately.


We believe that mental health services should be accessible, and we are happy to provide referrals to telehealth-only therapists whom we trust and respect. Please contact us for questions about our telehealth services or referrals.

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