This blog will share with you 3 benefits of individual therapy. You may have been thinking about getting started in therapy for some time now. You thought you could manage well enough on your own – but you are now seeing that these problems are bigger than you. It will take some work, persistence and determination to get to where you want to be and how you want to be living.


You have been struggling on your own with some difficult feelings. This could be feeling depressed and unmotivated, feeling anxious and on edge, or feeling angry and irritable. You may not feel you have the support you need to express these emotions in a healthy way, such as with a trusted friend or loved one.


There may be issues in your relationships with family or significant others, friendships, or within yourself. When we put dealing with these difficult feelings aside, we are likely to experience burn-out and will struggle to cope. Using substances, harming ourselves, or taking it out on others are just a few ways you may avoid confronting these feelings.


You do not have to experience this pain alone. Once you begin working on yourself, you will see improvement and growth in other areas of your life. Consider reading our blog on Therapy: Where to Start to begin your therapy journey.


Individual therapy in Simi Valley, Ca will match you with the best-fit therapist based on your needs and current situation. You can feel relief knowing that you are connecting with someone who understands and hears you.


3 Benefits of Individual Therapy: You get to focus solely on your well-being

woman enjoying taking time to focus more on her wellbeing after first counseling in Simi Valley, ca session

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Do you ever feel like you’re the designated caretaker? You find yourself mediating between family members or friends, providing advice or opinions. People come to you with their issues and vent to you, finding solace and comfort in you. While it’s nice to be trusted and a support for others, you need that space for yourself too.


In individual therapy, you get to focus solely on your well-being. You will have a place to say, “You know what? I’m really struggling this week”, and get to talk about that in-depth in the session. There is no worry about taking up too much space during these conversations, as all of it is yours


There is a sense of relief in knowing that you are there to only focus on you and nothing else. Therapy in Simi Valley, CA sets you up with weekly sessions to ensure you get to have that time to yourself on a regular basis.


Contact us for a free consultation on how you can get started in individual counseling in Simi Valley, CA today by calling (805) 774-1506.


3 Benefits of Individual Therapy: You have your own safe space to vent

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There are some things that may seem better left unsaid – but that is not necessarily the case with your therapist. Perhaps you find yourself feeling constantly bothered by someone in your life. You don’t have a way to tell them directly that they are bothering you, but you know that difficult feelings are building up inside. 


You may feel unheard in certain areas of your life. This could be with your work employer, your friends or family, or in relationships. There may be issues that you feel yourself constantly bringing up, and nothing seems to get done. Which in turn, adds to your frustration – and you feel that you’ve given up on bringing it up again. Learning how to build up your strengths, set boundaries with others, and prioritize your own well-being are often benefits of individual therapy.


If you are in an unsafe situation, such as experiencing abuse from family or in a relationship, your therapist can guide and support you in contacting proper resources. This includes crisis lines for those experiencing rape, abuse, incest, dating violence, or suicidal thoughts. You can find these at our Resources page.


Alongside having a safe space to vent, you will also have opportunities for finding solutions to fix or cope with things going on. Your therapist will guide you through identifying and strengthening coping mechanisms that fit your needs.


3 Benefits of Individual Therapy: You can be your true self

man logging onto therapy feeling grateful that he doesn't have to hide who he is from therapists in Simi Valley, ca

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It’s not uncommon that many people tend to put on a “happy face” to avoid anyone knowing that they are struggling. They want to be perceived as the strong one, who can handle everyone’s issues – including their own. 


It is important to keep cultural backgrounds in mind for those who tend to maintain a “strong face.” In some cultures, there are strict expectations regarding showing emotion, or self-prioritization over others, for example. Furthermore, in some cultures or within some subcultures, is thought that showing emotional sadness is perceived as weak or incompetent. There may also be gender roles that family members, significant others, or society in general impose, making it difficult to fully express more difficult or vulnerable emotions.


New Leaf Marriage and Family Therapy strives to provide culturally humble psychotherapeutic services to individuals. Working with a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, statuses, ethnicities, and cultures. We attend every session with curiosity, respect, and honor for our clients’ own unique experience. We want to get to know YOU.


In individual therapy, you do not have to put on a front or a facade. There is no need to entertain the therapist with comedy or exciting stories. You do not need to impress anyone or prove yourself – you can simply be.


You can talk about things that matter to you, such as your specific interests, your loved ones (human or animal), and much more. Being paired with a therapist that makes you feel comfortable being vulnerable is a major contributor to your success in therapy.


At the end of the day, struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, navigating relationships, and more can be a lot. Especially if it feels like you’re going through it alone. But, with the right support and guidance, you can get to where you want to be


Counseling in Simi Valley, CA can help you learn to manage stressors and effectively cope, to work toward the most authentic and fulfilled version of yourself.


Our intake coordinator at New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy will guide you through a transparent, caring intake process in getting started in individual therapy in Simi Valley. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns about starting therapy.


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