Though there are many reasons to work toward healing from past trauma, here we will discuss 3 reasons to start childhood trauma therapy. It could be that you are a teen, young adult, or an adult with a past of childhood trauma. You may have experienced sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect, for instance.


Many individuals who experience childhood trauma may appear composed on the surface, with much anxiety beneath. For instance, it could be that you take pride in being the “strong one” in your family, repressing what you’re going through yourself. Perhaps it’s a cultural expectation to remain strong and not let your emotions show.


It also could be that you were unaware that something traumatic happened to you, or perhaps, you didn’t know that whatever happened was wrong. Or, you did not have the space or voice to stand up for yourself at the time.


Whatever your situation may be, regardless of the trauma you have endured, you are strong, worthy, and deserving of support. Our traumas are our experiences, however they do not define us. 


Whether you’re looking to begin trauma therapy for the first time, or you are looking to revisit therapy for additional support, you are in the right place. New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy has trauma-informed therapists ready to support you.


Trauma therapy in Simi Valley provides you or your loved one with the necessary support needed to treat trauma.


3 Reasons to Start Childhood Trauma Therapy: Explore & process your trauma in a safe, validating environment

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You will explore and process your trauma in a safe, validating environment. Revisiting your trauma can be a difficult, stressful thing to do. It’s important that you are able to go through this at your own pace, with professional support.


It could be that you have triggers on a regular basis that force you to revisit your trauma or experience symptoms such as anxiousness, hypervigilance, or avoidance of reminders. Maybe you are living in an invalidating environment where someone around you denies that your trauma was “that bad”.


As a human, we want to feel validated in our experiences. What happened to us was real, and left an impact. By working in an environment that is safe and understanding, you can work through your trauma in a proper way, feeling that validation.


Trauma-informed care is crucial when it comes to any form of trauma – regardless of when it happened to someone. When you work with a trained professional who is competent and compassionate, and provides a safe environment, real progress can be made.


Get started in working through childhood trauma with one of our trauma-informed therapists, today!


3 Reasons to Start Childhood Trauma Therapy: Gain coping mechanisms and psychoeducation around your trauma

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In addition to learning about trauma and how it can manifest, you will gain coping mechanisms for when trauma symptoms come up for you. Trauma symptoms can look different for people and no one person may struggle with trauma the same. When you feel these trauma symptoms arise and are able to identify them, it’s important to be able to have skills to help.


There are a variety of techniques that you can learn about and utilize in and outside of therapy sessions. This can be relaxation techniques, grounding techniques, breathing exercises, meditation, anger management, overcoming fears, and more.


With practice alongside a trauma-informed therapist, you can become an expert in implementing these tools. You will also learn to identify when to utilize these coping mechanisms, and apply them successfully.


As a client, you will also receive in-depth psychoeducation around your traumatic experiences. This can range from education around what posttraumatic stress disorder is to why you may feel short of breath when thinking about your trauma.


When you are educated about your trauma and what that means for you specifically, it can be easier to understand why certain symptoms come up for you, and help you easily identify and point out internal or external triggers.


Childhood trauma therapy is available for adolescents/teens, young adults, and adults. We provide you with the coping mechanisms and skill sets needed to be successful inside and outside of therapy sessions.


3 Reasons to Start Childhood Trauma Therapy: Feel relief from your trauma symptoms

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Moving forward from the moment you begin trauma treatment, you may experience some immediate relief from your trauma symptoms. These experiences are often draining for many people. You may struggle with a range of symptoms that affect you on a daily basis.


Trauma symptoms are unique and can vary by person. In addition to physiological symptoms or behavioral symptoms, it could be that you feel sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, anger, disgust, guilt..and much more. You may feel a variety of emotions associated with your trauma.


As previously mentioned, alongside emotional effects, perhaps you experience behavioral or physical symptoms as well. Behavioral symptoms can look like isolating yourself or avoiding going places similar to where the trauma occurred. You may avoid seeing people or going out in public. 


Physical symptoms could look like an increased heart rate, hyperventilating or difficulty breathing, or experiencing difficulty with falling asleep or staying asleep. When the thought of your trauma crosses your mind or a trigger arises, you might experience intense panic or anxiety, which many describe as strong dread or as if they’re having a heart attack, for example. 


Dealing with trauma symptoms can be incredibly troubling and can get in the way of everyday functioning in social, occupational, and other important areas of your life. You’re wanting to break free from the cycle of feeling these symptoms, and take control of your life again. Relief from trauma often occurs when you feel a deeper sense of understanding and control over your life with access to supports and resources.


You will feel relief after getting started in childhood trauma therapy with our group.


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