There are many different reasons to start family therapy. On a regular basis, you might notice tension in your family, or there is a lack of understanding and communication between the members. Oftentimes, things never get resolved, and keep coming back up.


This may look like issues around respecting boundaries, communicating feelings, and accepting one another. There may be disagreements among family members about choices or decisions in everyday life, or specific behaviors by family members. 


You love your family and want there to be common ground for everyone. There are times where everyone seems to get along just fine, and times where it feels like you are walking on eggshells. It could be that there are clashing issues going on in the family at this time.


There are 4 good reasons to start family therapy. The first being, that your family needs guidance, and you can recognize this from your everyday interactions, and how they leave you all feeling. Secondly, everyone is individually supported, with the goal of unifying the family unit as a whole. Third, you will have improved communication and understanding of each other. Finally, everyone will take something away from this experience. 


Family therapy in Simi Valley is offered in-person, with convenient availability to accommodate after-school or after-work hours.


Starting family therapy allows everyone to feel relief that a third party is ready to offer support and care.


4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy: Your family needs it

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The first reason to start family therapy may be the most obvious reason: your family simply needs it. There is a lack of communication, understanding, and acceptance in the house. A common example could be a power struggle between a teen and their parents. 


Perhaps there’s a lot of yelling, slamming doors, or giving the silent treatment. You know that your family is out of balance and it’s not necessarily enjoyable, or possible, to get some quality family time in.


There may be differences of opinions, beliefs, or values happening in the family as well. This could look like conflicting parenting styles, struggling to understand a family member’s sexual orientation or gender identity, or overall disagreement in some way.


It gets tense at the dinner table, and you don’t spend time getting to connect and hearing about each other’s lives anymore. It feels sad and out of place. Whether it’s over a long-standing issue or something new, family therapy is a place for you to explore and process your options as a family.


Family therapy in Simi Valley benefits every family member individually, while creating goals for the family as a whole.


4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy: Everyone is individually supported while the family is supported as a whole

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In family counseling in Simi Valley, everyone has a voice. Everyone is heard and is offered a space to share their feelings. It could be that during family arguments, someone may feel shut down, misunderstood, or overwhelmed with the conversation at hand.


When your family comes to family therapy, everyone is considered and supported. We validate the family members’ concerns and feelings around situations. On top of this, we see how we can better understand where they are coming from. 


If we are able to gain a clear understanding of each family member, we can see how each family member contributes to the family dynamic. Maybe one member struggles with communication. Another family member is in need of regulating their anger. When there are unresolved issues, the family dynamic can be tense and hard to heal.


Family counseling near Thousand Oaks offers a space for everyone to have a voice and share their story with one another in a safe environment.


4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy: You will have improved communication and understanding of each other

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A majority of family disagreements may be due to a lack of understanding one another or having proper communication skills. Someone may get easily overwhelmed and resort to yelling or refuse to continue talking about an issue. This can cause frustration and further problems.


One main goal of family counseling is to really understand everyone and their communication styles. It could be to look deeper into what is holding someone back from gaining a better understanding or acceptance of a family member. Maybe there are other things going on in a family member’s life, such as in work or school, that add to frustration.


When issues outside of the family are left unresolved, they can in turn affect the family dynamic. For a teen struggling with a class at school, they may also wrestle with symptoms of depression, anxiety, or anger. For a parent struggling with work or their marriage, their difficult emotions may be released onto the family at the end of the day.


If we can really understand why someone may communicate or think a certain way, it is easier to see how to go about transforming that. We are able to implement critical skill sets into everyday life for them.


Family therapy also opens the door to address difficult issues that family members disagree on. By providing everyone a space, family members can understand each other in a vastly different way, and potentially learn something new about each other as well.


Family therapy is efficient when all family members are ready to be open-minded and explore new perspectives with one another.


4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy: Everyone gets to take something away from the experience

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For everyone to take something from the experience, there needs to be an equal amount of effort given by everyone. The family as a whole should want to be seeking out this additional support, and be open minded to the possibility of self-growth and understanding one another’s perspectives.


Real progress and change can only occur when everyone is involved in the process. In the case that someone could benefit from individualized support, we may recommend them to individual therapy or teen therapy. Or, if we find there would be benefits from focusing on parenting therapy, we may suggest a form of couples counseling.


When everyone does their equal work in therapy, real change occurs in the family dynamic. You will notice improved communication with one another as well as a greater understanding of each other. It can be difficult to work past some stressful issues; but with the help of a licensed therapist, you will be guided professionally and compassionately. 


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