You may be wondering whether online therapy or in office therapy would be a good option for you. You know that you are interested in getting yourself or a family member started in therapy. It’s a good idea to weigh your options and see what would best fit your needs.


The only difference between online or in the office is just where you hold the therapy sessions. No matter whether it’s online or in the office, the therapist is just as able, competent, and compassionate. They are still going to be able to give you a safe, private space to listen and understand you.


There may be unique situations where one format may be better than the other. Or, it could simply come down to personal preference. There are some therapists who may offer a hybrid format, where you can switch between in person or online.


This blog will breakdown the differences between the two and help you understand what format might be best for you. It will answer some of the questions you may have going into this blog and provide you with information to make a decision.


If you are looking to get started, our office in Simi Valley is offering teen therapy, anxiety therapy, LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy, grief counseling, and more!


Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley provides you with a safe space to learn and strengthen coping skills.


Would I still receive the same level of care in online therapy?

Online Therapy

Yes, you would still receive the same level of care in online therapy. Online therapy would consist of using a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform like Zoom or Telehealth. Your therapist would be in a private, quiet area when providing this service.


Different providers offer online video services. During the pandemic, physicians and psychiatrists were able to utilize video services to still assess and meet the needs of their patients. They were still able to hear patients describe worries or concerns, and make informed decisions about the best route of treatment.


Similar to this, online therapists are still able to do what they normally do in therapy sessions. They are able to give you undivided attention, conceptualize what you are discussing, and actively listen and converse with you. The therapist will also be able to see your facial expressions and read your body language.


If you are struggling with depression and need support, depression help in Simi Valley, CA is available now.


Therapists are just as able to make a connection and build rapport with you over online therapy as they do in in-person therapy.


What are some benefits to online therapy?

Teen Having Online Anxiety Therapy

Online therapy can have benefits depending on your lifestyle and your schedule. A few examples will be explored in this blog. Benefits could apply to you and possibly your family members as well.


Some individuals may find themselves having a busy schedule in regards to school, extracurricular activities such as sports, or work. They may have busy day schedules where driving to a therapy office would be inconvenient. The same could apply to work, with considering rush hour and the distance to travel to get to the office.


For parents with multiple children, they may find themselves struggling to balance taking one child here, one child there, and so on. Maybe you do not have a car and could not drive yourself to and from sessions, which would also be a barrier to doing in-person therapy.


Or, you’re simply comfortable in your home. You have a quiet, safe space where you can share vulnerable details with someone over a video session. It could be that you prefer to stay in your bed, in pajamas, with food or drink right by your side. You would rather not use gas or energy getting ready to go in-person to therapy.


Online teen therapy in Simi Valley, CA is a great option for teens who would prefer to hold sessions from the comfort of their bedroom.


Online therapy is a great option for those with busy schedules or that have a safe, quiet space in their home to hold sessions from.


What are the benefits of in-office therapy?

Teen Therapy

There are many benefits to in office therapy. You may find that coming into the office for sessions will help with consistency. By finding a day and time every week that works for your schedule, it is easier to plan to come in for your sessions. You may better be able to hold yourself accountable in this way to attend weekly.


It can also be easier to build rapport with your therapist when coming into the office. The session is not as removed where you are on computer screens in different areas. You and your therapist are more likely to form lasting and deeper connections. You can also better observe body language and facial expressions.


Due to online therapy often being held over video chats, there may be concerns of whether you are safe and secure. Going to therapy in the office can eliminate that wonder if your virtual therapist is upholding their confidentiality. With that being said, it is not common for online therapists to break confidentiality.


Our practice in Simi Valley is holding in-office therapy for teens, couples, and families.


Consider holding a consultation with therapists you are interested in working in to make sure it is a good fit for your needs!


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When would in-person therapy be recommended?

Online Individual Therapy

In-person therapy would be recommended for a few different reasons. One main reason would be if an individual does not have a quiet, safe space to hold sessions from. This could look like not having an area they could be alone in, or not feeling comfortable talking about something in their home.


Individuals may find that having in-person therapy provides them with a separate safe space other than their home. They may want to go elsewhere to hold therapy sessions, and be in a new or different environment for that. It can be therapeutic for people to have a space designated for them to discuss difficult topics like depression or traumatic events.

Trauma treatment is ideal for in-person as the therapist would have an increased ability to recognize signs and visual cues of activation or stress. This will help your therapist track and address your needs more appropriately.


Therapy at our office in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home.


By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either. 


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