This blog shares 5 signs you’re growing as a person. We will not see changes overnight, or be able to change ourselves overnight. Growth comes with effort, persistence, and making a few mistakes along the way. We can recognize our growth as individuals through our interactions with others, ourselves, and the world at large.


Everyone has room for growth. There are always opportunities for self-reflection and strengthening self-insight within your daily life. While growth and change can be uncomfortable, it is a necessary part of life. Anyone who denies a need for doing so, may be subconsciously scared or unsure of what change could mean for them.


An important thing to note about self-growth is that it’s not always going to be perfect. It may not even feel significant, and can be subtle. As we continue to learn about ourselves, we will inevitably fall back into old behaviors and ways of thinking. We can go two steps forward, and one step backwards. 


Being able to recognize the signs you’re growing as a person helps you feel proud of where you’ve come. Highlighting that you’re evolving into the best version of yourself everyday can bring a sense of optimism, hope, and good feelings about your future.


5 signs you’re growing include: that you’ve learned a lot about yourself. You reflect on past experiences. You value quality over quantity in your life. There are noticeable changes in your communication styles. Finally, you can identify your needs and how to achieve them. 


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5 Signs You’re Growing as a Person: You’ve learned a lot about yourself

man discovering his passion for building things and enjoying his spare time around the house after discovering himself in anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, ca

You have learned how to tie your history into your present moments, such as learning what your triggers are and where they originated. This could look like recognizing that an event that happened to you in the past continues to affect you today. 


You might have struggled with expressing yourself, recognizing your feelings, and how they all connect together. Now, you can understand the direct connections.


Alongside this, you recognize why you behave or think certain ways. At one point, you were unsure of why you are so quick to feel frustration or worry. You understand the hidden, inner desires and needs that you have. Ones that you couldn’t describe or define before. 


On a more positive note, you may have also learned about what you love in life. You may have discovered some passions, picked up on old hobbies or interests, and felt secure in who you are as a person. You have a newfound love for certain things and engaging in them feels fulfilling. 


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5 Signs You’re Growing as a Person: You reflect on past experiences in a neutral or positive way

woman feeling free and enjoying life again after struggling with depression thanks for seeing a therapist in Simi Valley, ca

You reflect on past experiences and how they may go differently now. Alongside this, you think of how those past experiences have contributed to shape you as the person you are today. You’re able to reflect on these past experiences in a neutral or positive way; not through a lens of shame or guilt like you used to.


There may also be a sense of appreciation for your past experiences. At that moment, they were negative, stressful, or unfair. But looking back on them, you know that they were necessary for your own growth and development. This includes: making mistakes, behaving in certain, unhealthy ways, or going through a difficult time.


It’s apparent that these past experiences contribute to your present moment. If you hadn’t gone through them, it’s unclear how you may have changed or grown. You’re able to hold feelings of disappointment, regret, or sadness for yourself. In tandem, you feel grateful or relieved that those times are in the past.


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5 Signs You’re Growing as a Person: You value quality over quantity

group of friends sitting and hanging out together on the 4th of July after one of them had anxiety therapy in simi valley

With self-growth, we tend to leave others or things behind us as we advance forward. You recognize that you are seeking quality company in your life, rather than many relationships with little to no connection. You seek to have deeper conversations, vulnerability, and trust with others. 


Your social circles are changing. This doesn’t only pertain to friends, but also relationships, family members or coworkers that do not bring out the best in you. You let go of people or groups that would bring about toxic or negative energy.


Therefore, you seek to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It’s important to you that you feel comfortable being vulnerable and authentic around them. You want to share similar interests, beliefs, values, and more.


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5 Signs You’re Growing as a Person: You notice a change in your communication style

two friends enjoying coffee together after one of them set boundary that she can only gossip for an hour after learning this skill in anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, ca

You notice a change in your communication style. In the past, you may have struggled to properly communicate your feelings, needs, or boundaries. This left you feeling frustrated, unheard, or upset. It’s true that as we grow to understand ourselves better, we are better equipped to communicate. 


Communication styles can be formed from early experiences as well as present experiences. This includes the communication styles we were exposed to in our upbringing. Those around us may struggle with proper communication about their feelings, needs, or desires.


In the past, you struggled with expressing yourself and making your feelings or thoughts known. This could have been out of fear for others’ reactions, a fear or rejection, or more. However, being a direct and clear communicator is something that makes you feel confident.


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5 Signs You’re Growing as a Person: You can identify your needs and how to achieve them 

man trying out new things as he overcomes his fear of falling after trauma counseling in Simi Valley, ca

Identifying our needs often takes some detective work. We have to really dig deep, and explore the root concern for the way we behave or think. For instance, we may have gotten mad at someone and simply wrote it off as being angry. In reality, anger is the only emotion we felt comfortable showing or was easy to access. If we dig deeper, we see that we really needed validation or a sense of security from them due to feeling hurt.


Other needs could be: a need for space, alone time, communication, and more. Basic needs, such as food, water, or sleep may also be hiding beneath feelings of irritability or distress. You now know how to achieve your needs. This could be through setting appropriate boundaries, clearly communicating them, and planning ahead to ensure they are met.


Doing therapeutic activities, such as inner child work, can help you strengthen your understanding of your needs. Alongside this, events in your adult life could have also created newfound needs for you. As you continue to grow as a person, you have developed greater insight into how to best support yourself.


Trauma therapy in Simi Valley, CA helps you identify underlying needs and ways to achieve them within relationships, at work/school, and yourself. Make sure to check out our blog on How to Set Boundaries. 


Take a moment to feel proud and happy with yourself when reflecting on your self-growth and how far you have come.


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By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either. Make sure to check out our blog on How to Validate Yourself!


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