Whether you are a family member or a teen yourself, you will learn about how teen therapy can be helpful. There are benefits of teen therapy when considering getting started. Teens come to therapy for a variety of reasons: depression, anxiety, substance use, self harm, trauma, and much more.


It’s normal for teens to feel unsure or resistant towards starting therapy.


They’d be working with a complete stranger (at first) and may not feel comfortable opening up about difficult things. It could be that they struggle to express themselves, or find it difficult to be vulnerable.


While the teen will benefit greatly from teen therapy, the family unit as a whole will have an opportunity to grow as well. Teens can feel relief knowing that they have an extent of confidentiality in sessions. Therapists are mandated reporters – so sharing information about abuse or neglect will be reported to local authorities.


Another exception to confidentiality is if the therapist is concerned about the teen’s safety (i.e. harming self, others, or putting themselves in dangerous situations). In these instances, therapists are obligated to prioritize the client’s safety, and will likely want to involve the family in safety measures. Other than a few exceptions to confidentiality, teenagers can share what is going on for them in confidence, knowing it will not be relayed to others.


Benefits of teen therapy include teens having an individual safe space. In the room with a therapist, teens can expect to be supported, understood, and not judged. Teens can feel relief knowing that their therapist is there to help them, and not get them into trouble.


Teens will also gain awareness of their feelings and behaviors and how they coincide, as they may not notice behavioral patterns or understand where difficult feelings are coming from. From a place of increased awareness and insight, teens will learn and strengthen coping skills.


Teen therapy in Simi Valley, CA works to support teens where they are at. Our teen therapists strive to help teens grow as individuals, while seeing how the family unit can grow as a whole. Family therapy is also a great option for when everyone is seeking to get involved and grow as well.


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3 Benefits of Teen Therapy: Having an individual safe space

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Teens will have an individual safe space in their teen therapy sessions. It could be that they struggle to open up about what’s going on for them lately. They are unable to find the words to explain themselves, or are unaware of what could cause them to feel this way.


There may be topics that are considered taboo in the family, like LGBTQIA+ topics and safe sex. When teens feel unsafe talking about their gender identity or sexuality, they can suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, and more. Click here to read about 4 Tips for LGBTQIA+ Youth.


Other topics like substance use can be safely discussed in session. While the therapist wants to ensure they are helping the teen take care of themselves, they are also not looking to judge them for their behaviors. Teens can feel confident sharing instances of using substances and how it affects them.


Parenting therapy in Simi Valley, CA works with those interested in reflecting on their parenting styles and understanding how their actions affect their teens. It also explores how their teen’s actions may affect them as parents. Check out our blog on Talking to Your Teenager About Drugs and Alcohol.


It can be damaging for your teen to hold difficult topics and feelings inside. By giving them a safe space, you are contributing to their journey to heal. 


3 Benefits of Teen Therapy: Gaining awareness about their feelings and behaviors

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Teens can experience a range of emotions on a regular basis. It is common for teens to experience feelings of angst, frustration, confusion, or more difficult emotions. They are trying to learn about themselves and who they want to become, while juggling their present life. 


It’s common that teens may “act out” due to these difficult feelings. They may resort to angry behaviors, like slamming doors or yelling. Others may isolate themselves and retreat to be alone in their room. Other teens may not show that they are struggling with difficult feelings, and mask themselves.


When teens are able to identify their feelings and how it contributes to behaviors, it can help them work on changing certain behaviors or learning new ones. For example, it could be that they have a hard time expressing themselves and resort to frustration and walking away.


This teen would learn in session, what does it mean when you are frustrated? What are your needs at that moment? What do you do when you are frustrated? All of these questions help them reflect on patterns that may not have been so obvious before.


Teen counseling in Simi Valley, CA pairs your teen with an experienced therapist to learn more about themselves. When teens can identify patterns in negative behaviors, they can begin working to change or replace them. 


When your teen is able to identify that they are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, or upset, they are more likely to be effective at communicating their needs.


3 Benefits of Teen Therapy: Learning and strengthening coping skills

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Teens will learn and strengthen coping skills, during and outside of teen counseling sessions. After gaining awareness about feelings and behaviors, teens will go to the next level of engaging in coping behaviors


When a teen recognizes that they are feeling stressed, for example, they engage in positive, healthier alternatives in behaviors than what they may have done in the past. It could be that they only smoked marijuana when feeling stressed, keeping things bottled up inside. Now, the teen may consider journaling or speaking to someone they trust to process the feelings in a healthy way.


Make sure to check out our blog for teens on How to Be Responsible for Your Mental Health.


There are various other situations where teens would benefit from learning and using healthy coping skills. This could be in times of anger, where they feel mad at everyone and everything. Or sadness, where they feel the urge to engage in self-harming behaviors.


Parents are involved in teen counseling sessions in a few ways. They will be invited for parent-only or family sessions, to provide updates and see what progress is being made in the home environment. Another important piece is understanding how the parent can support the teen with their coping skills.


That could look like honoring their need and communication for space, for example. One coping skill could be taking a walk around the neighborhood if the teen starts to feel overwhelmed. Parents will want to contribute by giving that, and offering gentle reminders that they are there for them when they’re ready.


Our intake coordinator at New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy will help guide you to understanding what format of therapy is best for your teen and the family as a whole.


Family therapy in Simi Valley, CA offers a space for all family members to feel individually supported, while challenged to grow as a whole. Check out our blog on 4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy to see if that service would be of benefit to you.


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