This short blog shares information about the 3 kinds of therapy in Simi Valley. Of course, these are not the only types of mental health treatment you can receive in the area. Outside of psychiatry, psychological testing, and more, this blog aims to share some common options.


It could be that something has recently prompted you into exploring therapy options. Perhaps you are struggling to manage depression, grief, anxiety, or trauma. Maybe you want to do some searching on behalf of your loved one. This may be all new to you, but you’re open to learning about it. 


Depending on what exactly is going on for you lately, an intake coordinator can help determine the appropriate level of care for your needs. Many factors come into play, such as your current coping mechanisms, availability, cost, and more.


By contacting us here at New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy, we can help with understanding what kind of therapy is the best fit. Therapy in Simi Valley is offered in-person and virtually at our group (for California residents)! 


3 Kinds of Therapy in Simi Valley: Group therapy

a group of adults talking about grief with a simi valley therapist

Group therapy is a type of therapy with several other clients involved, as well as at least one therapist facilitating the session. This type of therapy can be offered in-person at a certain location, or virtually for people who are not in the area to join. 


There is a set topic to be discussed within the group. This could be related to grief, social skills, young adults, depression with older adults, parents, and much more! Group therapy is essentially a discussion among all of the attendees. It can be encouraging to support and listen to one another.


The group facilitator will lead conversations, create space for sharing, and discuss everyone’s responses. They may prompt questions for everyone to reflect upon. Group therapy can often provide a sense of community, in speaking with others going through similar situations.


Although we do not currently offer group therapy in Simi Valley, we are hoping to do so soon! Interested in joining a future group? Feel free to submit a contact form through our website, expressing interest in what you’d want to join. Make sure to read our blog on How to Be Vulnerable.


3 Kinds of Therapy in Simi Valley: Outpatient therapy

a therapist who looks like natalie writing down notes after simi valley therapy

Outpatient therapy is where you receive services in an office setting, similar to that of a doctor’s office. (Although at New Leaf, we aim to make the space feel much more comfortable, relaxed, and personable). This option is appropriate for those that are not at risk for hurting themselves or others, or you are not needing around the clock care such as with medication management. 


Outpatient therapy includes individual therapy, teen therapy, child counseling, couples counseling, marriage therapy, and family therapy. It is usually offered once or twice a week, for hour-long sessions. Depending on what’s going on for you, we can help determine if outpatient is an appropriate option.


You can expect for this setting to be just you and your therapist. It’s common for these services to be lasting over the course of years as well. This is because you develop rapport with your therapist, such as a trusting and supportive relationship. However, you don’t commit to a number of sessions, such as you would in group therapy or an IOP program


Therapy in Simi Valley, Ca supports you in managing an array of issues. Make sure to read our blog on What is Trauma Therapy?


3 Kinds of Therapy in Simi Valley: Intensive outpatient therapy programs

a group of teens in an IOP program having their group therapy in simi valley

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) provide a higher level of care and focus than outpatient therapy or group therapy. That is, IOPs often involve both of these types of therapy in its program. Depending on the severity of issues, you may also benefit from a partial hospitalization program (PHP). 


With an IOP, you can expect several hours per week of therapy services or interventions. That may be intimidating, and sound like a lot, but it’s actually very helpful! You’ll be receiving consistent support, psychoeducation, and more from these programs.


There are various teen IOP and adult IOP programs in the Ventura County and Los Angeles County area. They are helpful if you are experiencing mental health crises, such as substance abuse, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and more. 


These programs are recommended when it is not deemed fit that weekly therapy will be providing efficient support. However, once an individual graduates from an IOP program, they are recommended to be starting outpatient therapy to continue their progress.


Our therapist Edgar Cruz is experienced in offering therapy after transitioning out of IOP for teens and adults! Make sure to read our blog on Therapy After IOP.


Still not sure what kind of therapy in Simi Valley is the best for your current needs? Feel free to call us at (805) 774-1506 for a free consultation on starting therapy with us!


In-person therapy in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home. However, check out our blog on Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what format is best for you. Therefore, another great blog to read is ours on if you need Therapy or Medication to address your issues.


By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. However, you don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either. 


Consider calling our therapy group at (805) 774-1506 for a free consultation on how you or a loved one can get started today!

Therefore, seek out a validating, safe environment with us today. We will help you get to where you want to be. Our therapists provide trauma therapy, teen therapy, individual adult therapy, LGBTQIA+ therapy, anxiety therapy, depression therapy, family therapy, and more in-office in Simi Valley, CA.

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