This blog will discuss some of the signs it’s time to start anxiety therapy. You may be questioning whether or not anxiety therapy would benefit you. While anxiety therapy includes evidence based practices to help you achieve your goals, sometimes you question if you really need it.


It could be that at times, you feel that you have it under control and you are not concerned. Other times, you know you are struggling and want to have that additional support. You know it doesn’t feel good to live like this, and you are seeking relief.


It’s common to downplay the severity of what we are going through. We think that others “have it worse” or have more to be anxious about. When we invalidate ourselves, it can be hard to recognize that we are deserving of being listened to and understood as well.


Check out our blog on Therapy: Where to Start to understand how you can get started in anxiety therapy today. You don’t have to go through this alone – there are ways to seek out professional help.


Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, CA pairs you with a professional to work towards your goals. Whether you have a clear understanding of what causes you to experience anxiety or not, you can begin your journey to relief today.


Anxiety therapy provides you with a space to understand what causes you to experience anxiety – and how you can implement coping skills.


Signs It’s Time to Start Anxiety Therapy: You’re experiencing physical symptoms

man struggling to cope with stress of work and needing anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, ca

You experience physical symptoms of anxiety that can get in the way of daily tasks or functioning. Examples of physical symptoms include headaches, bellyaches, migraines, increased heart rate, dizziness, and more.


Physical symptoms can cause us to feel more nervous or irritable when we experience them. Alongside this, it can also create cause for you to worry about your physical health. It’s common for individuals to feel that they are about to have a heart attack, for example, when a panic attack occurs.


It’s important to consult with a medical doctor to rule-out any medical causes of certain physical symptoms. Individuals who experience panic attacks may notice tension in their chest and difficulty breathing among other symptoms – however, it’s crucial to make sure no serious medical issues are occurring alongside the anxiety.


If you’re wondering whether you need medication for certain symptoms, check out our blog on “Do I Need Medication or Therapy?


Signs It’s Time to Start Anxiety Therapy: You have distorted cognition

man currently in anxiety counseling session trying to contemplate negative thinking patterns

You experience distorted cognition. Distorted cognition is described as negative or inaccurate thinking in the form of a belief or within your perspective. One example of this could be telling yourself that you are lazy, when in reality, your body needs rest.


There are lots of different distorted cognitions that you can experience when struggling with anxiety. If you are anxious in social settings, for example, you talk down on yourself for being “weird” or “embarrassing”. Overall, you judge and put yourself down with little room for gentleness towards yourself.


It can feel automatic to have these negative thoughts circulating in your head. You may not even notice them and the toll they take on you. Thinking about talking to yourself in a positive light can be difficult to regularly do – but with practice, over time it will feel natural to you.


Counseling in Simi Valley, CA helps you identify goals for therapy and areas that you can grow in. Distorted cognition can feel so automatic, that you may not notice it being a detrimental issue for your well-being.


Working on reframing your inner dialogue for more accepting and positive thoughts is one way you can work on your anxiety in therapy sessions.


Signs It’s Time to Start Anxiety Therapy: You are avoiding things you normally enjoy

woman in the middle of a panic attack and struggling to calm herself down

You notice that you are avoiding things that you normally would enjoy. Before, you have frequently gone out in public, whether it’s out to eat, to get drinks, or spend time outside. You would go out to do these activities alone and enjoy spending that time with yourself.


However now, going out alone makes you feel nervous. You might be worried that people are judging you for being alone, or judging your appearance overall. Alongside this, you may also avoid seeing friends or family members that you once frequently spent time with. 


Depending on your unique needs and situation, one form of anxiety therapy may work better than the other. Check out our blog on “Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what would work best for you.


Consult with a therapist to rule-out depression, as some depressive symptoms can be similar to anxiety symptoms. 


Signs It’s Time to Start Anxiety Therapy: You struggle to manage relationships

man feeling nervous before first date and unable to cope with his anxiety

Struggling to manage relationships can look like you having an impeding ability to be assertive, or in establishing boundaries. You do not prioritize your own needs over others, and tend to put other people first.


Boundaries such as not talking about certain subjects or going to certain places can be hard to maintain. With assertiveness, you are able to firmly say “no” and be confident in that. But, when you are struggling with assertiveness, you give in or feel passive to certain things.


You struggle to recognize your own needs in relationships as well. Being able to identify when you need your own space is crucial to your well-being. You feel burnt out and become suddenly irritable in your relationships if you struggle with putting yourself first.


Anxiety counseling in Simi Valley, CA helps you work to establish important boundaries in your relationships, and strengthen your ability to be assertive.


Signs It’s Time to Start Anxiety Therapy: You have trouble falling or staying asleep

teen hiding in bed and not wanting to deal with hard schoolwork after long school day

You have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up. Intrusive thoughts, experiences, and more tend to race through our heads at the end of the day. When you are trying to relax and shift into a peaceful sleep, it is somehow the time your brain wants to think about your regrets or mistakes.


It could be that you are able to fall asleep, but continue to wake up throughout the night. Your sleeping is disturbed and you do not wake up feeling refreshed or well-rested. This can, of course, affect your functioning throughout the day.


Even with the help of sleep aids, nothing seems to work. Struggling with falling or staying asleep can potentially be damaging in the long run to your mental health and overall well-being. Please do not hesitate to speak with a medical doctor about your sleep disturbances as well.


Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, CA supports you in building a nighttime routine to ensure you are taking the steps to a healthy night sleep. You and your therapist will also work to understand what may be keeping you up at night, and how to process difficult memories, thoughts, or feelings.


Our intake coordinator at New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy will guide you through a transparent, caring intake process in getting started in anxiety therapy. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns about getting started.


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