This blog shares information on 3 common ADHD symptoms in adults. ADHD, shortened from the term attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is usually first diagnosed in childhood. However, when left untreated or undiagnosed, you may notice lingering signs of ADHD in your adulthood. Although the symptoms may not be as severe, they can still interfere with daily functioning.


Symptoms of ADHD can show up in different areas. This includes during work, school, in social relationships, and within daily, personal tasks or activities. It could be that you notice interruptions in focusing, staying on task, or with memory. It’s important to keep in mind that some ADHD symptoms are also present in other disorders, such as depression or autism.


As a disclaimer, this blog is only written for educational purposes. Please do not use this as a tool to self-diagnose for ADHD, and make sure to talk to your primary physician or a mental health professional regarding your ADHD symptoms. You’ll likely go through various testing, as well as regular monitoring of symptoms, to understand exactly what is going on for you. Importantly, these symptoms are common behaviors, and do not necessarily suggest that you have a mental health disorder.


When you are met with understanding and validation for your experience, you can work towards improving and/or coping with your symptoms. Consider starting therapy in Simi Valley, Ca as we currently have availability for in-person therapy! Make sure to read our blog on Treating ADHD in Children, Teens, & Adults.


3 Common ADHD Symptoms in Adults: Interrupting others

a group of friends talking but the one with adhd keeps interrupting and needs neurodivergent therapy in simi valley

One common ADHD symptom in adults is interrupting others in conversation. This may be done for a few reasons, including a lack of impulse control and anxiety. There is no intention to be rude or dismissive of the other person when interrupting. It can feel out of their control – where they have to say what’s on their mind at that moment. 


There may be worries that the individual will forget the point they’d like to make, or contribute to the current topic. As individuals with ADHD can also experience forgetfulness, this can cause frustration for any chance of not remembering what they’d like to say. Therefore, they feel that they have to establish their thought or point.


This can occur also due to their mind going in different directions, and struggling to stay focused on the topic at hand. With a lack of impulse control, and anxiety of forgetting their point, it’s common that they may request to interrupt briefly. Once their point has been made, they likely feel better they got it off their chest, and can return to your topic in the conversation.


Neurodivergent affirming therapy in Simi Valley, CA has an educated understanding around the symptoms of ADHD, for those of all ages. Make sure to check out our blog on Why Start Therapy?


3 Common ADHD Symptoms in Adults: Trouble multitasking

a mom and wife multitasking and not aware she has adhd needs neurodivergent affirming therapy in simi valley

Adult individuals with ADHD may find themselves having trouble multitasking. It could be that the idea of juggling numerous, small tasks is achievable. They know what they need to get done, and feel that it may be more time efficient to just do it all together at once. Although it can start off strong, they may get distracted and get off track. 


As an example, they may be looking to clean a space. There’s a few areas needing attention, such as filing documents, organizing, putting things away, etc. As they choose one area to focus on, they somehow shift to another area, and then remember to do something else quickly, ultimately abandoning the primary task at hand.


This can end up being overwhelming, as they suddenly find themselves juggling more than they were planning to do. With all of this going on, they may feel burnt out, and struggle to finish tasks at hand. They can also get distracted in the midst of it all, and bounce their focus off of different things. 


Trouble multitasking can also show up in areas, such as work or school. Even with prior planning, the execution does not always go as planned. With support from others, as well as finding techniques that work for them, they can work on growing in this area. 


Therapy for ADHD in Simi Valley, Ca works to understand all aspects of your life, and how they contribute to your daily functioning. Make sure to read about the 3 Benefits of Individual Counseling.


3 Common ADHD Symptoms in Adults: Fidgeting

a man feeling calm after playing with his fidget toy thanks to neurodivergent therapy simi valley

A third common symptom of ADHD in adults is fidgeting. Fidgeting is defined as making small movements with your body, such as your hands or your feet. Sometimes, it’s intentional, and other times, you may not notice you’re doing it. It can look like bouncing your leg, playing with jewelry, squeezing your fingers, moving around in your seat, and more. Fidgeting is a physical reaction to stress, concentration, or overall releasing energy in your body.


You might have jewelry on, such as rings or a necklace, and find yourself touching or spinning it around. Your foot may begin to shake, your leg starts bouncing, or you’re holding your own hands. It can also be an unconscious coping mechanism that keeps you present and engaged in whatever’s requiring your attention in the moment. 


As a result, fidget toys have become widely popular. While previously thought that fidget toys are just for children, they’re perfectly appropriate for those of all ages. The fidget spinner is a classic one, and is essentially a small spinning disk. Stress balls, small puzzles, keychains, squishy things, clicker toys, and more all constitute fidget toys. In therapy sessions, therapists usually have a box of fidget toys for clients to hold and play with, while they discuss difficult, distressing, or uncomfortable topics, as this can be soothing.


As previously mentioned, these can also be common behaviors, and are not necessarily indicative that you are demonstrating ADHD. Alongside this, these symptoms and behaviors overlap with other mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, autism, and PTSD. Please be sure to connect with a mental health professional or primary physician to discuss your experience!


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