This short blog shares 5 signs you are overwhelmed. Sometimes, we may not even realize it. When we operate in this state for so long, it becomes our new normal. It becomes something that we can just manage and deal with. The effect it has on us isn’t as clear anymore.


When you are faced with an overwhelming issue, your body may go into flight, fight, or freeze mode. You may try avoiding it by distracting yourself or telling yourself otherwise. Or, you will feel intense emotions such as irritability, frustration, and cope in negative or harmful ways. Finally, you may freeze up, and feel stuck or checked out.


If you read these 5 signs you are overwhelmed, and feel like it’s time to seek out support, consider New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy! We offer in-person therapy in Simi Valley and virtual therapy in California. Our licensed therapists are experienced in providing anxiety therapy near you. Consider reading our blog on Signs to Start Anxiety Counseling.


5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed: You have physical symptoms

man having a headache as a result of difficulty managing stress and is needing individual therapy in simi valley, ca

You may notice physical symptoms as a result of being overwhelmed. You may not even be aware of when it’s happening. It can hard directly tying these symptoms into your current anxiety. You just know that you’re not feeling great, but why?


You may experience an increased heart rate, hyperventilating, headaches, stomachaches, migraines, and more. It’s possible that your body will store all of this stress into different areas, such as in the neck, jaw, or back. You may notice feeling tense all the time, or that your fists are clenching without you noticing.


It could be that you’ll also notice issues in digestion, appetite, and more. When we sit with stress and overwhelm, it will fester in our body. It’s important to release this energy in a healthy way, such as through exercise, movement, and more. Consider finding an outlet to ensure your body is healthy, strong, and not holding in so much stress.


Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca helps you find effective tools for coping with anxiety and managing stress. Read our blog on 5 Healthy Ways to Process Anger.


5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed: You are increasingly irritable

woman feeling overwhelmed with her family members and lack of boundaries needs anxiety therapy near simi valley

You are increasingly irritable and feel more easily annoyed. This could be due to having so much on your plate; mentally and physically. It could be that little things that didn’t use to bug you, are beginning to. You know that you don’t like operating this way, but it feels almost out of control.


You’re noticing that you are taking your emotions out on others more lately. One example could be with a partner or family member. Perhaps they are making a simple mistake; one that is understandable and fixable. Rather than having patience, you notice that this really sets you off. 


It’s just not making sense how this mistake was made. You’re beginning to feel annoyed, express yourself with disbelief or irritability, and may even insult them for this. Rather than trying to have empathy or patience, it’s simply not there. 


Individual therapy near Simi Valley, Ca provides you with a non-judgmental space for processing your stressors. Make sure to read our blog on 5 Ways to Quickly Ground Yourself!


5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed: You struggle to stay focused

man feeling overwhelmed by all his new work tasks is clearly in need of therapy in simi valley

Staying focused lately has been hard. Whether it’s at work, for studying or doing school, being present with your family or friends – you just feel checked out. A couple of factors can contribute to you struggling to stay focused with tasks at hand.


One could be that sleep has been affected by stressors in your life. You’re either sleeping too little, or you’re sleeping too much. You overall feel fatigued and groggy. It could also be that your mind is constantly flooded with thoughts. There’s lots of worrying, ruminating, anticipating, and more. 


In sum, you just feel preoccupied. Even when you’re not doing anything. Or when you’re doing something important, special, or that is meaningful to you usually. You might be feeling a sense of shame, guilt, or regret as a result of your struggles of staying focused. 


Therapy for depression in Simi Valley, Ca helps you with managing negative thinking. Make sure to be reading our blog on How to Cope with Burnout from Work.


5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed: You’re struggling to communicate your needs 

woman feeling overwhelmed with her workload and needing anxiety therapy in simi valley

You may notice that you’re struggling with communicating your needs. Or, you are just brushing past your needs, as they seem insignificant or unimportant right now. Nonetheless, you are prioritizing something else over your own well-being. Although this may feel necessary, it isn’t.


It could be that you are really needing to utilize some PTO from work. However, there could be a lack of boundaries or structure, so it feels difficult to even think about taking your reserved time off. You may also be wanting some space from friends, family, or your partner for some alone time.


However, what you need, just isn’t getting put out there for others to know about. This could be due to you feeling that you can continue on without breaks or space, or not knowing how to advocate for yourself. It’s important to know that your needs matter and can be met.


Anxiety therapy near Thousand Oaks helps you with establishing boundaries and learning to recognize your needs. Make sure to be reading our blog on How to Set Boundaries! 


5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed: You feel like giving up

man feeling frustrated and over the edge needing individual therapy near simi valley

A major sign that you are overwhelmed is that you feel like giving up. This could look like giving up on work tasks, on school work, on relationships, on yourself. There’s just nothing motivating you to keep going; to keep trying. You think it’ll just feel better leaving it all behind. 


Thoughts may cross your mind that are concerning. You might be questioning if you really want to be alive, if you really want to keep living this daily life. Suicidal thoughts might be prevalent, whether you come up with a plan to die or not. Everything just feels like too much, and you want it to end.


However, there is hope for you. Please know you are not alone, and there is support out there for you. Life truly is a rollercoaster, and we often don’t get to be in control of where it takes us. Having strong support systems, learning effective coping mechanisms, and being resilient are all things you can acquire.


If you are having thoughts of suicide, please begin contacting the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or 988 or texting the Crisis Line at 741741. You can also go to your nearest emergency room.


In-person therapy in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home. You should be checking out our blog on Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what format is best for you. Another great blog for reading is ours on if you need Therapy or Medication to address your issues.


By seeking out support, you are beginning your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either.


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