This short blog details how group therapy works. Group therapy may have been recommended, or you are feeling curious around how it works. They are held in a group setting with either a set number of participants or an open group for anyone to join. Depending on the size of the group, there’s at least one facilitator leading the conversations. 


It can feel intimidating going into a group therapy setting. You may not feel comfortable around the idea of opening up and being vulnerable with a group of strangers; let alone a single therapist. What’s great about groups is that just your presence is a great first step into healing from the issues you’re coming in for. 


As you continue to participate in group therapy, you may notice feeling more relieved, in that your experiences are shared and normalized. You may feel more empowered to share your story, and support others using your personal experiences. Alongside that, you’re working with a mental health professional guiding you through your healing. 


You can expect to leave group therapy with a greater understanding of your feelings and experiences, find a sense of community, and with effective coping strategies. Individual therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is a great place to start your journey. Make sure to read our blog on 3 Kinds of Therapy in Simi Valley.


How Group Therapy Works: Discussing a specific topic or issue

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Group therapy settings are great for discussing and healing from commonly shared issues. Some notorious group topics involve those of grief and loss, social skills, parenting, LGBTQIA+, and more. With these groups, the facilitator will expand on many aspects of the presenting issues. 


Depending on whether it’s a set group or ongoing group, topics may be scheduled for discussions. For ongoing groups with no end date, they usually begin with prompting questions, and ask others who are comfortable to share their experiences, thoughts or feelings. The only difference is what material gets covered in the groups, and when.


When there is a set time period for the group to run, you can expect for a little more structure within the group schedule. The facilitator wants to ensure that all areas of the issue are covered, incorporating time for psychoeducation, personal stories, and leaving you with tools or coping mechanisms to practice. 


This could look like having an introduction to the first day, going over group rules, and what you can expect over the course of the group. As they can have a 4-8 week set period, the facilitator wants to make sure that you benefit from the sessions as much as possible. With ongoing groups, you can continue to benefit over time, as you continue to attend and participate.


Group therapy in Simi Valley, Ca will begin in just a few months! Inquire more at our website. Make sure to read our blog on How to Be Vulnerable.


How Group Therapy Works: Connecting and sharing your stories with others

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As previously mentioned, it can feel intimidating going into a group setting. You may struggle to open up or talk about these issues in your personal life. On top of that, you may not really know exactly what you’re feeling or experiencing. This is common with very traumatic experiences, such as losing someone close to you. 


When you’re in group therapy, you’re in a room with others that hold shared experiences. While they may not be able to fully understand you and your situation, there are still plenty of opportunities to relate to each other. You would be surprised to learn how others may be struggling to find their words, define their feelings, or are also struggling to navigate hard situations. 


With this experience, you can find a sense of community. You will leave the group knowing that you’re not alone. In discussing the topic with others, you can learn more about yourself, find new perspectives on your situation, learn about opportunities to connect with others outside of the group, and more!  


Group therapy near Thousand Oaks can be an incredibly supportive atmosphere for shared healing, coping, and growing. Make sure to read our blog on What is Grief Counseling?


How Group Therapy Works: Learning effective tools and regulation skills

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Your group facilitator is someone who’s passionate about the topic, and looking forward to providing you with support! They likely have ample experience working one on one regarding this issue. Therefore, they feel confident to apply their work to several people at a time. The more outreach, resources, and information they can do, the better.


With your particular topic for group therapy, they will provide you with psychoeducation around your symptoms and what you’re experiencing. They will normalize reactions you’re having, whether it’s sadness, anger, excitement, confusion, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all model for how we respond to our unique situations. 


The therapist will also facilitate conversations and prompting topics for you all to talk about. They will be offering you space to share your thoughts and feelings, and speaking one on one with you at times. Therefore, the goal is to foster a safe, supportive environment. It’s essential that you are with group members that contribute to that, so that everyone has a healing experience.


We are planning to begin group therapy this summer! Therefore, please reach out to us if you are interested in one of our groups. We’re starting two for women’s empowerment group and a group for fathers of teens. Our therapists in Simi Valley, Ca are looking forward to supporting you.



In-person therapy in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home. Check out our blog on Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what format is best for you. Therefore, another great blog to read is ours on if you need Therapy or Medication to address your issues.


By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. Therefore, you don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either. By clicking here, you’ll read our blog on Information About Simi Valley Therapists.


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