This short blog addresses the question “what is BIPOC therapy?”. How does it differ from other forms of therapy? Who may benefit from this type of service? What issues can be addressed in BIPOC therapy? And finally, how can you find a BIPOC therapist


BIPOC therapy in Simi Valley, CA considers numerous unique factors in order to provide competent and holistic services. At New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy, our therapists are passionate about being culturally competent. 


What is BIPOC Therapy?: Definition

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BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. It is an umbrella term used to acknowledge all people of color, and the significant disparities that exist for these groups. 


Identity is a complex and dynamic concept, influenced by many factors. One major factor associated with identity is racial, ethnic, and cultural background. Therefore, this piece of our identity is foundational to how we relate to and interact within our communities and relationships.


Mental health and interpersonal struggles occur for a wide range of people. However, black, indigenous, and people of color have significantly different and disproportionately negative experiences than caucasians, and are marginalized within society. Therefore, if you are a BIPOC individual, it is essential to feel comfortable and affirmed throughout your therapeutic experience.


BIPOC affirming therapy in Simi Valley, CA knows that finding the right therapist can be difficult – and we are here to help. Make sure to read our blog on 4 Self Care Tips for Busy People!


What is BIPOC Therapy?: Issues to address

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If you are seeking BIPOC therapy services, it’s essential that your therapist understands the following challenges that may impact your mental health and general well-being:


  • Discrimination (in work, school, social settings, businesses,
    relationships, or society at large)
  • Racism
  • Internalized racism
  • Trauma
  • Community trauma
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Familial and intimate relationships
  • Spirituality or religion

Alongside this, it’s crucial for your therapist to consider and be curious about the following factors:


  • Your family’s unique culture
  • How you identify with your own background
  • Your individual experiences and beliefs
  • How you relate to others, or not, within your immediate area
  • How the demographic and philosophies of the community you live in impact you
  • Additional services and resources you would benefit from


Individual therapy in Simi Valley, CA is available for in-person sessions. Make sure to read our blog on 3 Benefits of Individual Therapy!


What is BIPOC Therapy?: How to find a BIPOC therapist

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Searching for a BIPOC therapist can be stressful. You want to find a therapist that you can relate to and feel comfortable with. Therefore, the issues you’re wanting to address require a culturally competent therapist for successful treatment. 


There are several directories specifically for BIPOC therapists or groups. One directory, PsychologyToday, allows for filtering the therapists that come up in your search. You can select the “Ethnicity Served” or “Languages Spoken” to tailor your results. 


Another directory is Inclusive Therapists which allows you to narrow down to specificities, such as cultural knowledge, office facilities, provider identity, languages, therapeutic options, sliding scale, and more.


However, going through word of mouth within your community can be a powerful tool as well. Ask friends, family members, or coworkers about any insight into therapists they can recommend to you.


At New Leaf, we prioritize your feelings of safety and want you to feel seen and heard. Please reach out to us to learn more about our therapists and their approaches to treating BIPOC individuals.


In-person therapy in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home. Check out our blog on Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what format is best for you. Another great blog to read is ours on if you need Therapy or Medication to address your issues.


By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either.


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