This blog briefly answers the question: what is parenting therapy? It can be an essential addition if you have a child in therapy, such as teen therapy. They may struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA+, ADHD, trauma, or more. Therefore, you play a big role in their healing.


It’s true that parenting has its ebbs and flows. Some days, you feel like the best parent and are proud of yourself. Other days, you feel disappointed or ashamed in yourself. You may feel confused about how to handle certain situations with your child, and feel stuck. 


Attending parenting therapy shows that you are dedicated to growing as an individual for the benefit of your child. You may not even have children yet, and want to feel prepared for when the time comes.


Parenting therapy can help you achieve many goals. Some common ones include: 1) Consolidate parenting styles. 2) Gain a greater understanding of how your and your partner’s upbringing contribute to your everyday parenting. 3) Talk about issues/stressors as your child goes through transitions.


Family therapy in Simi Valley, CA provides all parents or caregivers with a non-judgmental, compassionate space. Make sure to read our blog on Tips for Parenting Young Children!


What is Parenting Therapy?: Consolidate parenting styles

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You and your partner may have different parenting styles. One parent may be more lenient, with the other being more strict. In blended families, there may be several types of parenting styles.


Having different expectations or boundaries with your children can cause confusion or inconsistency for them. It can also lead to arguments or disagreements around house rules if parents view them differently. This is especially true in situations where your child may be struggling with mental health


For example, your teen has depression. They tend to have an unkempt room, they sleep irregularly, and more. Your teen may struggle with hygiene, or experiment with substances such as marijuana or alcohol.


In response, one parent is highly concerned and anxious about this. They believe this is an emergency. There is a shift focus onto themselves and where they may have gone wrong, and not the teen. However, the other parent views the teen as simply being lazy or dramatic. There is no regard to the seriousness of depression.


This leaves the teen stuck with little to no support or understanding. In tandem, the parents feel unsure about how to approach this together. This can disrupt the family dynamic, and create more rifts in relationships.


Finding ways to approach difficult situations or conversations together in a happy medium can do wonders. There is no more need for arguments about which parent is more in the right. You can make parenting decisions jointly, and feel confident in them being healthy or effective.


Family counseling in Simi Valley, CA works to support all family members individually, while supporting you as a whole. Make sure to read our blog on How to Successfully Co Parent with your Ex!


What is Parenting Therapy?: Gain a greater understanding of how your or your partner’s upbringing contribute to your everyday parenting

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You and your partner may be unaware just how much your own childhood experiences affect you as a parent today. One common belief is “Well, I was raised that way. My child should respond the same way too”.


This is not a reasonable expectation to have for your children. It needs to be taken into consideration that many factors contribute to your child’s perception and behaviors. 


From a very early age, many things can affect them. This includes their environment, community, current societal standards, extracurriculars, and more. The people that are around them, and the activities that they do, have an impact on shaping them.


As you two were once children, you lived in a completely different world. No child can have the exact same upbringing and outcome. When biological factors are involved, it makes the matters more complicated. 


Parenting therapy provides great opportunities for you to understand intergenerational trauma as well. Make sure to read our blog on Healthy Parenting Approaches for Teens!


What is Parenting Therapy?: Talk about issues and stressors as your child goes through transitional times

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Ahh, they’re growing up. Similar to the section about consolidating parenting styles, you can talk about issues and stressors your child is facing. This includes going through puberty, going to new schools, having behavioral issues, and more.


It’s common for teens to experiment with drugs, alcohol, or sex. They may have teenage angst, and generally have irritability or isolate themselves more. With some newfound issues, you and your partner may be unsure of how to navigate things.


There is also a need for you, as parents, to feel validated during this experience. Validation comes in the form of having a therapist actively listen to you and your experience. You will find that you can let things off of your chest, and show true emotions about situations.


You may have worry or concern for your child. Or, you may feel checked out or burnt out. Whatever the reason, being a parent is hard. And we know that. We want to give you the room to grow, feel supported, and make real change in your family.


Parenting therapy or family counseling are here to support you during difficult moments in parenthood. You may feel doubtful about your abilities, or unsure about how to confront issues. Therefore, give us a call today to see how you can receive support.


In-person therapy in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home. Check out our blog on Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what format is best for you. Another great blog to read is ours on if you need Therapy or Medication to address your issues, as well as information on Therapy: Where to Start.


By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either.


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