This short blog shares 3 tips for starting teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca. You may be noticing that your teen has been struggling in some ways. Maybe their grades are lower than usual, and they are unmotivated. They could also be isolating themselves in their rooms more, and acting closed off. In short, you’re worrying about them.


It’s important to be taking action at any signs of struggling with their mental health. By taking the signs seriously, you help prepare your teen for success in managing stressors, advocating for their needs, having increased communication skills, and more. As they continue growing, they will be navigating their symptoms in healthier and efficient ways.


Before starting in teen counseling, you’ll want to know these 3 tips. First, consider including your teen in the process. They may not be 100% open at the beginning, and it’s good to be giving them some autonomy. Next, start researching your options. Finally, consider holding consultations with the therapist. Teen therapy near Moorpark, Ca is ready to get started with your teen!


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3 Tips for Starting Teen Therapy in Simi Valley: Include your teen in the process

mom and daughter talking about getting her started in teen therapy for social anxiety and she is excited to begin

The first step for starting teen therapy is including your teen in the process. They may or may not be fully open to therapy at this time. However, the need for therapy is clear, and you are wanting them to give it a try. The therapist would be focusing on getting to know them in the first few sessions, before asking about any deep or difficult topics. 


You can include your teen by seeing if they have any preferences. Maybe they are preferring a male therapist in Simi Valley, and are wanting to work with someone experienced in their issues. It could be that they are wanting to be involved and up to date on potential therapists.


Letting your teen know that you care about them and their wellbeing is important. You may want to start sharing some benefits to teen therapy, and how it would be helping them in the long-term going into adulthood. Consider sitting down together and doing some research on any questions or concerns they are having.


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3 Tips for Starting Teen Therapy in Simi Valley: Research your options

teen researching potential therapists near simi valley to start teen therapy for depression

Researching your options for local teen therapists near Simi Valley helps you prepare. Oftentimes, teens may be preferring going in-person to sessions for therapy. It can give them an extra sense of privacy when comparing that to virtual sessions at home. They will have a space for talking about different topics, and be able to leave that behind until next time. 


In-person therapy in Simi Valley, CA usually has availability for after-school hours as well. If your teen is in school until a certain time, or has extracurricular activities after school, there’s a chance a therapist will have afternoon or evening availability. 


However, maybe your teen finds someone they are resonating with that offers virtual therapy. They may not be in your immediate area, or could be having more flexible availability that works with your teen’s schedule. Oftentimes, therapists are specializing in aspects of teen therapy such as LGBTQIA, depression, anxiety, and more. 


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3 Tips for Starting Teen Therapy in Simi Valley: Hold consultations to understand if you’re the right fit for each other 

dad on the phone having a consultation with a teen therapist near thousand oaks, ca

Consider holding phone consultations with the teen therapist for understanding if you’re the right fit for each other. This includes being a good fit for you as a parent, and a good fit for your teen. Consultations provide opportunities for sharing information and asking general questions prior to getting started. 


You’ll want to make sure that you’re understanding how the therapist works with insurance, and what their session fee is. You would also wanting to verify that their availability that is matching up with yours, and if that’s on a weekly or biweekly basis. More questions may coming up before, during, or after the consultation.


Your teen is also encouraged to be asking the therapist any questions as well. They may be curious how therapists will be involving parents in the process, or their experience working with teens. Similarly, the therapist will be determining if you are the right fit as well during the call. If not, the therapist may be referring your teen out to another therapist, or to a higher level of care. 


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Following these 3 tips for starting teen therapy near Northridge will help set you and your teen up for success. Therefore, reach out if you’re considering calling us today to get started with New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy!


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By seeking out support, you are beginning your journey to feeling relief. However, you don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either.


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If you are looking for teen therapy near Thousand Oaks, look no further. Our therapists have extensive training in working with teens and families. It’s important that our therapists are providing your teen with a safe, comfortable environment for therapy. Likewise, they will be wanting to develop a trusting relationship with the parents. As family members, supporting everyone as individuals contributes to the success of teen counseling.

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