This blog answers your question on how family therapy works. You’re exploring the idea of family counseling due to recent events within your family. There are general disagreements, life transitions, grief & loss, substance use, or more going on. Speaking with a third, unbiased party can be very effective in navigating or processing issues. 


At New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy, we have a maximum of 3 family members able to attend. This is to ensure that there is sufficient space given to each member, as our therapist understands ways to support you all individually and collectively. As therapy progresses, it’s possible to include other family members for sporadic sessions, however we would have a main focus on 3 members.


Family therapy can be an incredibly healing process. You’ll have a safe space to process and talk about difficult topics. Each family member will be prompted to find ways to support themselves, as well as each other, throughout sessions. Having a collective goal and motivation to do some inner work makes this therapy very effective.


Family counseling in Simi Valley, CA is accepting new clients for in-person therapy. A must-read blog is on Coping with Toxic Family Members.

Please note that this blog does not aim to promote acceptance around abusive or inappropriate situations in your family. Under “Resources” on our website, you’ll find contact information and websites for the Rape, Incest, & Abuse Network, Interface Child & Family Services, and more.

How Family Therapy Works: How to schedule family therapy sessions

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One important aspect for starting family therapy is understanding how to sign up for sessions. It all depends upon which family members are going to be involved, and everyone’s age. You may be looking to start family therapy for co-parenting purposes or with your adult child, for example. 


In the case that your family member is over 18 years old, you cannot start family therapy without their consent. At New Leaf, we require all adults interested in therapy to initiate contact with us, and be proactive in getting started. If your adult family members are not interested in family therapy, individual counseling is the best fit for your needs. 


You may be a parent looking for family therapy with your teenager. In this case, you can sign both of you up for sessions. However, we would still like to speak with your teenager to understand their level of willingness to therapy. Depending on what is going on within the family, the therapist may also recommend additional individual counseling for the members. 


Speak with your family members to understand who is open to therapy, as well as their needed availability. If they are an adult, they can expect to contact the therapist themselves as well. Once everyone goes through a phone intake assessment, and it is deemed appropriate, your first session can be scheduled. 


Family counseling in Simi Valley, Ca is held in-person. Make sure to read our blog on 4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy.


How Family Therapy Works: What to expect with the family therapist

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Your family therapist will take time in getting to know each family member individually. It’s important to have a good understanding of many factors. This includes their childhood/upbringing, current social or work environments, mental health symptoms, prior therapy history or diagnoses, and more. 


From there, they’ll want to know how your family dynamic works. How do you all spend your time? How do things like discipline or disagreements play out? What do aspects such as validation, understanding, or forgiveness look like? How do all family members cope with stressors? Was there a recent loss in the family that prompted you to begin?


It’s possible that your therapist will split some sessions up. This is to meet with one or two members at a time to give equal space. After that, they will bring you all back together for sessions to hold them together. 


Your therapist will be asking questions around all of your goals for therapy. What do you hope to achieve together as a family? Is there anything you’d like for another family member to consider? How will you, as a family, work together to achieve that goal and support each other?


In the beginning, you can expect for them to ask questions, gather information, and assess your situation. They may recommend resources, such as “homework”, support groups, or tasks for you all to complete outside of session. Family therapy in Simi Valley, Ca sets families up for success. Make sure to read our blog on What is Parenting Therapy?


How Family Therapy Works: What to expect for your individual process

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Family therapy is not set up as an intervention, where one family member is solely called out for their actions. Although there may be situations where one family member has opportunities for growth, all family members can find ways to contribute to that in a healthy way.


It can feel a little uncomfortable at times. Everyone will be asked to self-reflect on themselves and their role in the dynamic; whether it is helpful, hurtful, or absent. They’ll be asking questions prompting you to reflect on areas you can grow in as well. What can you do, individually, to help achieve the goal and support the others?


Maybe there’s a need for increasing communication or understanding of one another. What changes could you make for this to happen? Are there any barriers or resistance you personally feel towards this, and why? How do the actions of other family members affect you or make you feel?


It’s important to go into counseling open-minded. This creates for the most effective work to be done in session, and for real change to occur in your family. Family therapy near Thousand Oaks supports you all both individually and collectively. Make sure to read our blog on What is Family Therapy?


Safety is very important for family therapy, both for our clients and staff. Our therapists are mandated reporters, therefore references to child, elder, or dependent adult abuse, neglect, or endangerment will possibly be reported to the appropriate authorities or agencies. 


For situations with past or current domestic violence, it is always highly recommended, and redirected, to do individual counseling instead. At New Leaf, we aim to maintain a safe environment for processing difficult issues.


If you are interested in starting family therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation! We’re happy to share general information about our services, and determine what type of counseling is best for your needs.


In-person therapy in Simi Valley is ideal for those seeking a separate, safe space from their home. Check out our blog on Online Therapy or In Office Therapy to understand what format is best for you. Another great blog to read is ours on if you need Therapy or Medication to address your issues.


By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either. By clicking here, you’ll read our blog on Information About Simi Valley Therapists.


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