This blog shares information on how to find the best fit therapist. You may be fairly new to the idea of therapy and are interested in getting started. However, you want to work with someone that you feel confident and comfortable with. This is an essential part of doing therapy, as you need to be able to trust in your therapist’s abilities. 


Therapists have similar training and experience working with common issues, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more. However, there are various modalities that therapists use in sessions as well. This includes using CBT, DBT, ACT, Gottman method, and more. 


However, you might be looking for something specific. You’re wanting to find a therapist that has specific experience with your issues, shares their therapeutic approach, and can really help you achieve your goals. How do you go about finding the best fit therapist?


Therapy in Simi Valley, Ca successfully pairs you with a therapist that would be a good fit for you. Make sure to read our blog on How to Be Vulnerable.


How to Find the Best Fit Therapist: Understand what you’re wanting to address in session

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Come up with a short list of issues you’re hoping to address in session. It could be that you’re not entirely sure yet, and want to establish that as the therapist begins asking you questions. However, there are some obvious things directing you to think about starting therapy. 


It could be that you experience some mental health symptoms. This includes feeling increasingly irritable, hopeless, overwhelmed, or lonely. Maybe you’ve experienced significant trauma, and notice feelings of fear, sleeplessness, or are having memory flashbacks. 


Whatever may be coming up for you, you know you want to establish goals to grow or resolve them. Perhaps you’re wanting to move at a slower pace, where you’re not ready to open up about difficult topics until later on. Or, you’re looking for a therapist that will give you tools, such as writing assignments, for self-reflection inside and outside of session.


It’s always a great idea to ask a therapist how they typically approach the issues you’re coming in for. Trauma therapy in Simi Valley is offered with trauma-informed therapists. Make sure to read our blog on Reasons to Start Childhood Trauma Therapy.


How to Find the Best Fit Therapist: Consider location, fees, insurance, and availability

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Not all therapists accept insurance or offer in-person therapy. You’ll want to ensure you have an idea of how you’d like to move forward with therapy, considering finances and availability. Throughout Ventura County, there’s an array of group practices, individual therapists and psychologists to work with. 


Consider your current schedule. Are you a student, have a job, or other commitments to attend to regularly? What days of the week, and times of the day, are you typically available? It’s important to also consider a potential therapist’s schedule, and what they have open. Sometimes, you may need to be flexible to make it work out. 


Next, are you looking for a therapist in-person, or is virtual therapy? If you end up finding a good fit therapist, but the commute would be too much, consider going virtually. The same goes for if you find a good fit therapist within your area that’s not too much of a commute. 


Consider what your insurance plan can offer for you as well. Oftentimes, they should be able to provide you with a list of providers. Make sure to understand what types of benefits you have available for mental health services. If you’re not using insurance, what would you usually be able to afford, and if they do sliding scales. 


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How to Find the Best Fit Therapist: Hold phone consultations to ask questions before scheduling an appointment

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Holding phone consultations with the therapist prior to officially scheduling is recommended as well. This offers a chance for you to ask any questions you have about getting started. You may also just want to get a sense of their personality, and see if you can feel comfortable talking with them. 


You’re essentially starting therapy with a stranger. It will take some time to develop rapport between you two, where you feel comfortable opening up about certain things. You may worry that the therapist will judge you, but that’s not the case. Therapists have a deep understanding of how past and current factors influence you, and are open-minded about your journey. 


There may also be questions around frequency of sessions, availability, how they usually approach new clients in session, and more. Overall, it can take time for you to understand whether a therapist is a good fit or not. It’ll come down to how supported you feel in session, and if you feel that you’re making progress or new insights. 

It’s also normal to feel that after a few sessions, one therapist isn’t the right fit for you. In this case, it’s always recommended to address this with the therapist themselves. Don’t worry, they want your feedback! Understanding ways they can change their approach with you may end up improving your sessions together.


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