This short blog shares information on post IOP therapy in Simi Valley. You may be someone looking into continuing mental health treatment after your IOP, and want to continue the progress you’ve already made. You’re wondering, what does post IOP therapy entail?


Within this blog, you’ll be reading information on who this type of therapy is for. How do you know when you’re ready for starting post IOP therapy? Next, you’ll understand what issues can be treated in post IOP therapy. Depending on your situation, you may also be recommended to additional resources, such as joining support groups. Finally, what you can expect for attending post IOP therapy. 


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Post IOP Therapy in Simi Valley: Who is it for?

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Post IOP therapy is for individuals transitioning out of intensive outpatient programs. You may have gone through this program due to needing a higher level of care than traditional outpatient therapy can provide. Additionally, you may have started in a PHP (partial hospitalization program), went through IOP, and are now graduated, looking for next steps!


Therefore, once those programs are completed, you are ready for post IOP therapy, otherwise known as just outpatient therapy. This therapy is typically held in an office setting, or can be held on Telehealth platforms. Post IOP therapy is appropriate for those who are not needing to be hospitalized or in another inpatient setting.


At New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy in Simi Valley, we’re offering therapy for ages 13 and up. We welcome teens and adults for post IOP therapy for in-person sessions! Consider reading another blog on Therapy After IOP.


Post IOP Therapy in Simi Valley: What issues can be addressed?

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As previously mentioned, post IOP therapy is appropriate for those not needing to be hospitalized or in another inpatient setting. With that being said, there are some limits to what issues can be addressed in terms of how appropriate or safe it is. 


Keep in mind that every person’s situation is unique. What works best for them, may not be the best option for your needs. It’s important that at New Leaf Marriage & Family Therapy in Simi Valley, we have a thorough screening assessment. This helps us understand that we’re the right level of care for your needs. 


However, for example, let’s say that you have depression. As a result, you experience thoughts of suicide, and maybe even self-harm. The severity and frequency of these two factors play a part into what is more appropriate. 


If your suicidal thoughts are feeling more active and persistent, such as frequently considering following through with it, an IOP or PHP is more appropriate than weekly therapy. If your suicidal thoughts are feeling passive and aren’t too pressing, talk therapy is appropriate for this scenario. 


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Post IOP Therapy in Simi Valley: What can you expect?

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Post IOP therapy is typically held on a weekly basis. As your therapeutic journey progresses on, you may want to consider reducing the frequency of sessions to bi-weekly. You can eventually consider reducing it to monthly sessions, and just check in as needed. 


You can request your IOP to coordinate with your current therapist as well. This can be done through sharing treatment plans, diagnosis, assessments, and more. By having your therapist consider your past history in mental health treatment, they can better understand how to collaborate with you moving forward. 


It’s normal to experience feeling burnt out by the therapeutic process as well. You can discuss current coping mechanisms you’re using with your therapist, and discuss areas of growth or improvement you’re noticing. As you continue to navigate life and other stressors outside of therapy, you may feel more confident in taking breaks from therapy. 


Remember to stay in communication with your therapist about changing frequency, goals, and more. Having an open line of communication about where you’re at can greatly empower you. Good luck on your post IOP journey!


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By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. Therefore, you don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either. 


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