This blog touches on how to cope with infertility. Infertility is a common issue affecting both men and women. According to the World Health Organization in a 2023 report, about 1 in 6 people will experience infertility.


Infertility is a condition of the male or female reproductive system that causes a failure to achieve a pregnancy. Experiencing infertility can feel incredibly defeating, distressing, and heartbreaking. Maybe you are yearning to be a parent and start a family of your own, but this is holding you back. 


Despite following doctor’s recommendations to their extent, there are no improvements with your condition. You may feel hopeless, and that you will not be able to pursue your dream of being a parent. However, it is possible for you to feel hopeful about your future again.


Three ways on how to cope with infertility include: (1) Be gentle with yourself or your partner. (2) Keep your stress levels down. (3) Talk to others with similar experiences. (4) Seek out mental health support.


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How to Cope with Infertility: Be gentle with yourself or your partner

couple struggling with infertility are disappointed about no pregnancy and needing couples counseling in simi valley

The most important way to cope with infertility is being gentle with yourself or your partner. I’m not a board certified doctor by any means, but it’s my understanding that infertility issues cannot be resolved overnight. Therefore, I can imagine that coping will have its high and low points. 


Sometimes you may feel that the frustration overcomes you or your partner. You can’t help but lash out, and express your upset in an unhealthy or unproductive way. Take the time to validate yourself that yes, this is a disappointing experience. Yes, you wish things could be different for the both of you.


Maybe you want to find ways to continue family planning, such as looking into various treatments or options for pregnancy. With this, you and your partner may not see eye to eye, and can find yourselves struggling to work as a team.


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How to Cope with Infertility: Keep your stress levels down.

woman feeling so sad that after having her ifv treatment she still is not pregnant and she is feeling hopeless and depressed so she needs depression therapy in simi valley

Working to improve fertility can be a highly stressful process in itself. You may be needing to set up or attend numerous doctor or specialized provider appointments. Not only is this time and energy consuming, but can be financially draining.


Alongside this, doctors may be assigning you tasks for improving fertility. This includes having a specific diet, exercising regularly, avoiding using substances, having sex frequently, and more. Despite doing what you can in these areas, there is little improvement. This only adds onto the stress you already experience.


Find ways to keep your stress levels down. You can do this by engaging in breathing exercises or meditation. You may want to take leisurely walks or engage in slow movement like stretching or yoga. Perhaps you’ll establish a nighttime routine for self-care and getting plentiful rest.


Come up with a list of activities you can engage in that are relaxing – some you can do individually and together. This could look like treating each other to foot rubs, making a comfort meal, watching comfort shows, and more. Having essential oils/candles, buying fresh flowers, and whatever else is relaxing for you. 


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How to Cope with Infertility: Talk to others with similar experiences

man with infertility talking with other men struggling with infertility and feels grateful that he wouldn't have found them if it weren't for therapy in simi valley

Finding a community for infertility can do a world of wonders for you. Although infertility is a common issue, it’s not often given the awareness it deserves. Many individuals find themselves silently struggling, with a lack of support systems.


Imagine having a conversation with someone who is experiencing the same struggles as you. They may have tried going through the same recommendations to improve their infertility, to no avail. You may share similar feelings or experiences that have caused you stress, burnout, and depression.


Knowing that you are not alone during this process can help inspire hope, belonging, and newfound companionships. It can feel difficult talking to people, who despite having love and care for you, do not experience difficulties with fertility. Talking to someone who can truly understand will help you cope greatly.


Family counseling in Simi Valley works to ensure that you feel heard and understood. You may not have that focused space in your life at this time, and we are ready to provide you with that. Make sure to read our blog on 4 Reasons to Start Family Therapy.


How to Cope with Infertility: Seek out mental health support

couple happy to hear that they are now fertile and ready to start a family which will probably require family counseling in Simi Valley ca later on down the road

Seeking out mental health support is crucial during this time. You may struggle with blaming yourself for infertility, having arguments with your partner, or experience depression. Navigating infertility can be a stressful process. You aren’t sure what your future looks like now, or how things will unfold.


Working with a therapist helps provide you with the tools to cope effectively. You may want to address topics such as family planning, where you look at barriers or routes to begin your own family. There may be differences or disagreement between you and your partner, which you seek guidance for as well.


Alongside the mental health support, your therapist at New Leaf will be able to help connect you to resources. They can assist you in seeking out infertility groups, medical services or providers, and more. You don’t need to navigate this time alone, and you shouldn’t!


In family planning therapy at New Leaf, our therapists are passionate about supporting you with a wide range of issues. Our therapists understand the struggles you are going through, and are ready to help!


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By seeking out support, you can begin your journey to feeling relief. You don’t have to go through finding the right level of support alone, either.


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